Christian women unveil the discrimination they’ve dealt with

The video contains a glimpse into the everyday experiences of a few Christian women who have been made to feel unwelcome and unacceptable in the larger societal scenario, solely due to their religious identity.

Accept Islam, Accept Islam

I was made to come out of the classroom and asked (by the teacher) to accept Islam.

We were on special duty, along with the Sir. He said to me that Sawera I understand your thoughts and I value as well as respect them. But I personally think that you should convert to Islam. 

I was excelling academically and would always get a distinction in my class. But due to my Christian faith, the teacher used to tell me that I should become a Muslim. 

It created a disturbance in the class that we (Muslims) must not shake hands or eat with them (Christians) as we are not considered good (or worthy of respect)

When I started going to people’s houses (for work) they would somehow get to know that I am a Christian and would not call me back. 

I completed my Lab technician course and took my CV to (a CDA) hospital. They looked at my CV and read my name. Kainat Amanat daughter of Amanat Maseeh, indicating our Christain identity in the parental section. So they took my CV and placed it under another CV – that of a Muslim girl. 

They used to give us water and food in separate utensils. I was not allowed to go into the Kitchen (of the Muslim houses we work in). 

If we were Muslims, they would have allowed us to eat with them and offered food in their own utensils. 

They slapped on us an accusation that we sent our religious books in a mosque with an appeal to convert to Christianity. It is not the case. We don’t need to do such a thing. 

Of course, as Christians in Pakistan, we are weak. Hence we can’t even think of such an act, let alone having the audacity to do it. 

When we live in an ‘independent’ state. We are free citizens and the constitution has given us our rights then why are we restricted? 

Why can’t we tell people about the limitations that exclusively exist on our grades and other affairs?

Being a Christian woman, I want to ask why our rights are not given to us?