Building coalitions: Curriculum reform and teacher training in Iraq

The programme aims to build a wide coalition involving representatives of all ethno-religious groups and educationalists to design and deliver an educational curriculum promoting inclusivity nationwide, and to oversee its pilot implementation in private schools.


Improve the educational curriculum in Iraq by incorporating teaching on minority groups to raise the knowledge base and awareness of religions and the religious diversity of the Iraqi population. Reforms will highlight Iraq’s historical role as home to diverse range of ethno-religious groups. There are three main elements:

  • Establishing an inclusive citizenship curriculum through the involvement of a wide array of stakeholders.
  • Reforming religious education to include histories of other religions.
  • Training for 92 head teachers on religious literacy and inclusive citizenship.


Establishing of coalition for improving religious and citizenship education in Iraq and stakeholder engagement for curriculum development;Inclusive curriculum for religious education. Training conducted for teachers and head teachers.