Interfaith service delivery: Ravadaar interfaith action committees

The programme seeks to build a greater representation of poor minority women in local governance through the establishment of networks of local union councils (UCs), civil society, secular and faith minority groups that can implement locally needed community development interventions.


Build a resilient culture of religious equality and inclusive development by addressing five key development areas through grassroots engagement, and building a community of practice within 15 union councils.

In Karachi, Lahore, PKP and Islamabad, activities will include: mapping and building neighbourhood networks; and leadership and capacity building of women and men from different religious minorities. Groups formed will design projects to address a specific development issue in areas such as women’s empowerment, social welfare and community owned enterprises.


  • Establish 15 Interfaith Action Committees (IACs) at neighbourhood level.
  • Provide 3-day training and mentoring for 75 resource persons from IACs on how to design and implement community projects.
  • 15 community projects implemented over a period of 3 month each.
  • Scaling up for best performing projects.