Interfaith service delivery: Gathering community oral heritage for social cohesion in Egypt

This project will build the capacity of 140 youth from different religious minorities to document, archive and disseminate the oral heritage of their communities. It will build on a British Council-supported project among Coptic youth for heritage capture by scaling-up the initiative while building the capacity of the local faith-based organisations to use the heritage collected for community outreach.


To develop the capacity of young people to capture their intangible heritage and histories and create meaningful income generating opportunities for youth heritage capturers from religious minorities while identifying opportunities for promoting social cohesion across intra- and inter-religious divides through culture.

  • Building the leadership capacities of Coptic youth who have skills in heritage capture to pass on their knowledge and experiences to new groups of youth.
  • Identifying and training youth participants in the concept of heritage, oral history and interviews, communication and photography skills.
  • Communication and dissemination for social understanding.


  • Capacity training for local faith based organisations, training programmes for young people in Egypt on how to capture oral history (co-delivered by IDS and local FBOs).
  • Capacity and skills development for 140 Egyptian young people in heritage capture, as well as providing them with transferable skills such as IT and English and a reference for future work. Approx. 1680 specific outputs, in the form of oral histories in addition to thousands of photos collected by participants.