Interfaith service delivery: Developing the capacity of Iraqi youth to capture their oral heritage under threat

This project is working with over 100 youth from different religious minorities to document, archive and disseminate the oral heritage of their communities. It will build the capacity of 2-3 local universities to provide the space, equipment and technical resources needed for young people to acquire the skills in intangible heritage preservation. Through universities, youth will be able to share their cultures among the broader student body and staff in order to challenge negative stereotypes and promote an appreciation of religious and cultural diversity for Iraq.


To develop the capacity of universities and students to capture their intangible heritage and histories and share widely; to create meaningful income generating opportunities for youth heritage capturers from religious minorities while building their long term professional profiles for employment purposes.

  • Establishing partnerships with partner universities;Identifying and training youth participants in the concept of heritage, oral history and interviews, communication and photography skills.
  • Communication and dissemination for social understanding.


  • Capacity training for faculty at the University of Dohuk and the University of Mosul to deliver training programmes themselves for young people in Iraq on how to capture oral history (co-delivered by IDS and universities).
  • Capacity and skills development for 100 Iraqi young people in heritage capture, as well as providing them with transferable skills such as in IT and English and a reference for future work. Approx. 2,800 specific outputs, in the form of oral histories collected by participants.
  • Additional outputs to be measured include review and analysis of the oral histories collected to establish a thorough heritage capture of religious minorities in Iraq.


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