Mainstreaming awareness of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) in development

This project spans the whole CREID programme and is primarily around addressing gaps or inconsistencies in the evidence around the impact of religious inequalities, convening cross-sector events and seminars that bring together humanitarian organisations, faith leaders, rights activists and development practitioners, and, finally, providing training and capacity building support to development practitioners and policymakers on FoRB and the impact of religious inequalities.


  • CREID publications including Working Papers, Policy Briefings and Learning Briefs
  • Ebook collecting case studies from around the world (due in 2022)
  • CREID events, including the Religious Inequalities in Development series hosted by the Institute of Development Studies
  • CREID analyses shining a light on the impact of religious inequalities, and also discuss intersecting inequalities (for example, with gender or disability)
  • The CREID Podcast
  • Short course aimed at development practitioners and policymakers

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