Monitoring hate speech: Combating hate speech and fostering religious cohesion in Iraq

The programme has a three-pronged approach: to document the use of hate speech online and offline; to create counter-measures and advocacy to offset the impact of hate speech on freedom of religion or belief; and to address loopholes in legislation.


We began by consultation with religious stakeholders to design the approach and correct terminology, and activities will then include:

  • Hate speech reporting
  • The creation of a social media monitoring team
  • Training for journalists, youth activists and civil society on confronting online hate.
  • Advocacy briefing production and organisation of hearings.
  • Strengthening data mining and analysis, communications and technical capacity.
  • Production of monthly online hate speech reports and an annual report.


  • Hate speech glossary produced in consultation with religious stakeholders.
  • Periodic hate speech bulletin produced and published online.
  • Training for journalists, youth activists and members of civil society conducted
  • Grassroots advocacy campaign designed and carried out
  • Advice for Iraqi government on draft legislation on hate speech.
  • Final report published and advocacy roundtable organised.


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